Of Kings And Lionhearts.

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supernatural. sherlock. doctor who.

hp. hunger games. pjo. shameless.


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How r these people even breathing?

So much stupid. Cannot function on same planet. I must leave now.

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There is significance behind it. I wonder if I should tell the story or not or save it for my autobiography.
My group of friends… we were all turnig 18 at same time and we all basically put in money for each other’s birthday […] and everyone turned 18, each got.. I’d say that about seven of us manage to get sort of these types of presents - mine was a ring - and then it kinda like petered out a bit actually. I’m starting to feel sorry for these guys who’s birthdays came up later on. But needless to say everyone put together and got me this ring, so i wear it just to remember my friends who i grew up with.

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At your side. Like I always am.

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and you’re a cherry blossom, you’re about to bloom
you look so pretty but you’re gone so soon

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color meme: knights + let them eat cake - requested by jackdaniels-and-orangejuice!

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Two sides of the same coin.

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Merlin + I don’t give a shit

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