Of Kings And Lionhearts.

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Bradley looked a little bit sunburned in his video, right? And when could have this happened? Maybe while he was playing at the cricket match on Sunday…or maybe iN MOROCCO

Bradley was spotted at the airport on August 16/17 and Colin most certainly left on the 16th (x), a week in Morocco together and they’re back on the 23th. Bradley can go to the charity cricket match (x, xand then do his ALS ice bucket challenge, while Colin was spotted in London yesterday (x) GOODBYE

The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.

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merthur eyesex requested by anon

I am so sorry this took so long anon! School has been kicking my butt lately :( I hope you like it!

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Every king knows it to be true, that every kingdom must one day come to an end.

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Merlin Cast do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Arthur plays Celebrity Bachelorette (someone take photoshop away from me xD)

For the lovely Samantha   | Disclaimer: (hover)

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